Week 5 Early Games Open Thread

10.06.13 4 years ago 933 Comments


Kickasserole! Somehow that hasn’t been featured in an installment of Foodball on this site, probably because Sarah has too much taste and not enough self-loathing. This week, Seattle hopes to open up a serving dish of kickasserole on the road in Indianapolis, home of the NFL’s most methed out owner.


While undefeated, the Seahawks have looked vulnerable on the road, narrowly escaping a loss in Carolina in Week 1 and needing to pull an incredible comeback out of their ass to win last week in Houston. A second straight week on the road at a playoff-caliber AFC South team should pose a challenge. As for the inevitably constant comparisons between second-year quarterbacks, Russell Wilson holds nearly every career statistical advantage over Andrew Luck, save oddly for rushing touchdowns, in which Luck holds a 7-4 lead. Gotta respect the mobile ogre quarterback!

Don’t look now, but this is a unusually strong early slate. How did that happen? Coupled with Thursday’s unexpected episode of watchability, this must be NFL Opposite Week. Does that mean the Jaguars will win? Probably not, but perhaps it will make the Jags-Rams contest one of those oddly compelling dumpster fires.

Your early game slate, as rated by KSK’s not-at-all subjective, rigorously scientificated five-star system:

New Orleans at Chicago ****
New England at Cincinnati ***
Detroit at Green Bay ***
Seattle at Indianapolis ****
Baltimore at Miami ***
Philadelphia at New York Giants **
Jacksonville at St. Louis *
Kansas City at Tennessee ***

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