What Does Shane Vereen Know And When Did He Know It?

06.28.13 4 years ago 27 Comments

Very confusing Fantasy Football Running Back Shane Vereen took to twitter last night and dropped this passive agressive line on us like a 1st half carry against the 49ers. Maybe he’s talking about someone who guessed his wonderlic score was a 3 or maybe he’s implying that theres twice as much we dont know about a certain Tight End’s legal situation. Their could be so much more to the whole Hernandez thing besides 3 murders and just embarassing the heck out of the Patriots by trashing a rental car and thinking its appropriate to tip one of your fans with a piece of gum. If this is just the top of the iceberg where can we go from here? Some possible twists and turns scenarios from league sources:

  • Hernandez suspected Gronkowski was sleeping with his fiance so Hernandez slipped flesheating bacteria inside her when she wasnt looking to see if Gronks forearm would keep getting infected.
  • Known blood Paul Pierce and Hernandez were teaming up on a crime spree ending Thelma and Louise style holding hands and driving rental cars into the Charles river.
  • Don Draper is actually Odin Lloyd.
  • He thinks the bombshell is that Tebow has been labeled a “person of interest” but the cops are just honest hardworking americans and the police report actually meant it in a nice way.
  • As I implied earlier this is a classic game of Fuck/Marry/Kill that got a little out of hand.
  • He got sick and tired of Shaughnessy calling him Kaepernick and snapped.
  • Wes Welker skipped town because he was actually afraid Hernandez would kill him for not calling their huddle a “click up”.
  • Hernandez is the Gay player and perhaps worse hes a serial killer
  • Hes active in the Free Jahar movement and was hoping to meet him by getting locked in the same cell and making out or something
  • Vereens spending his summer sucking up around the Patriots training facility trying to convince Belichick to call running plays this year,, and he stumbled on the spytapes of every players house that Coach keeps. The tapes include Meskos insider tradeing, a Brady/Budnchen sextape which is just them touching themselves in front of two seperate mirrors on opposite sides of the room, a Vince Wilfork sextape (he thinks he cant be sure), and Tebow eating a ham sandwich on a Sunday once and then crying and circumcising himself a little bit more as pennance.

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