Where In The World Is Larry Fitzgerald?

02.22.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

Larry Fitzgerald yesterday tweeted a couple pictures from his vacation to Machu Picchu. Lucky for us, he was caught in highly Photoshoppable poses, which allows us to have fun with the images, rather than simply be super jelly that we’re not wealthy people who get to vacation in South America in the middle of miserable sad sack February.

Because no one is better than KSK at taking a thin idea and running with it, not unlike an idiot defender who picks up a loose ball whistled dead and sprints all the way to the end zone, we present to you Fitty’s Vacationkkake.

“One does not simply get last-minute Travelocity prices for Mordor…”

Don’t you worry, Fitty got to tittyfuck those waves, too.

Everyone comes away from El Paso wishing it had more syrup.

“Matt Lauer on Line 1…”

Because an NFL player had to eventually show up on a skills competition show that isn’t “Dancing With The Stars”

Fitty visits the Village of the Amazons, where they have a Kate Upton of their own.

Fitty even photobombs other players’ vacations.

Yo dawg…

Another Fitty ‘bomb. Hopefully he stayed away from that scary-ass dolphin that Steven Jackson found in the Amazon.

Fitty’s gonna spend the first week of March cleaning out the seashells he found on his trip to Sulfur Bay.

SPOT ALL FIVE FITTYS and win… nothing but the satisfaction that you wasted time winningly.

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