White History Month – Nicknaming The Denver Broncos Receiving Corps

07.15.13 4 years ago 76 Comments


First of all if your looking for a NFL writer who’s going to hold your hand and pat you on the back you came to the wrong place. Today were talking about a real thing in the real world so if you want real soft takes go see what Whitlock has to say about the Zimmerman trial folks.

Today in White History Month were celebrating a rarely seen treat in the NFL that could show up on Sundays in the AFC West this year: The Denver Broncos could possibly have a all-white receiving corps, or at the very least 80% White Receivers which would be just amazing when you think that probably 80% of receivers arent white (I made that up but you know its true).

Clearly Welker and Decker are going to be the first two since Dumbarius Thomas could probably has a second career as a crisis actor the way he fakes injuries, plus you can never count out the possibility that they bring Stokely back. Lets not forget Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreesen maintaining inside leverage discipline and running further up the seam then Brett Favres tailor.

No matter what you call these guys we’re going to get to see the best most respectful execution of Mile High Salutes since the McCaffrey days, but I came up with a bunch of great nicknames* for them that could really take off.

*(If anyone has Boomers email address or Zoosk.com profile or whatever hes using for work email these days please fwd these)

-The Dreadless Horsemen

-White Stallions

-The Trailer Park Boys

-The Low-Speed Chase White Broncos

-White Men Can’t Jump Offsides

-Arian Roster

-Denver Omlettes (Whites Only)

-Chalky Mountain High

-The Boulder Broncos

-Bring em Home to Mamas Boys

-Knights In White Satin (not like KKK sheets though obviously)

-The Suburban League

-SPF 80-89

-Things to Do in Denver When Your Heads Up

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