Who wants to hear Mike Tice sing?

07.02.07 10 years ago 26 Comments

Nothing smacks of self-indulgent off-season laziness like a YouTube post. But this week, we lack the energy for even a half-assed YouTube search. It’s much easier to post YouTube videos that readers send in to us.

This gem is from rakish gadabout Seth Kolloen from Enjoy the Enjoyment. Feast your eyes on this 1985 Seattle Seahawks’ music video featuring lead vocals from linebacker (and non-thriller) Michael Jackson, who is backed up by the future unfrozen caveman football coach… Mike Tice.

Truthfully, we are more than a little skeeved out by numerous elements of this video, not the least of which are Jackson’s nuthugger shorts and the sax solo in the shower. For a few moments, I thought it might go right into gay porn. Enjoy, kids…

Could this actually be worse than the Glasgow Diamonds’ video?

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