The Yellow Penalty Flags Return Next Weekend

10.07.13 4 years ago 25 Comments

(via Getty Image)

As part of the deluge of pink that is the NFL’s breast cancer Pinktober spectacular, game officials started using pink penalty flags in Week 5. Not only did this annoy viewers disgusted with awareness creeping into every facet of the sport, but it made for some confusion as the flags could easily be mistaken for the pink towels that players carried with them during play.

But now good news – we only have to suffer through one more game with the pink flags, as they’ll be gone in Week 6.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora said in an email to USA TODAY Sports on Monday the pink penalty flags used over the weekend as part of the league’s breast cancer awareness initiative won’t be used again in Week 6.

Score one for coherence. Don’t you worry, though. There will still be pink first down lines and pink accents on jerseys. Because we must ensure that Tina from Staten Island is reminded to get herself checked out.

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