Yinzers Shocked To Discover Counterfeit Merchandise On The Internet

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The local ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh has a story that is sure to send shockwaves through the yinzer populace. According to this journalistic bombshell, not everything on the Internet is aboveboard and if you’re not careful, you might just find yourself ordering a fake Charlie Batch jersey. It’s true! It happened to one woman who possesses about average Pittsburgh-area Internet savviness. It could happen to you, too.

Backup quarterback Charlie Batch’s emotional win against the Baltimore Ravens this season sealed the deal for die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan Darlene Silvio.

“I figured they were on sale, I wanted a Charlie Batch jersey, I’ve wanted one for years,” she said.

So Silvio clicked online and Googled “Charlie Batch jersey.”

Silvio said she found her favorite No. 16 jersey, and ordered it from a site claiming to be official. She said was the second site that appeared on the first page of search results.

“It said official online store, Pittsburgh Steelers, the official logo was there,” Silvio said.

But when the jersey arrived, it clearly was not authentic. More than that, it was the wrong size.

“I went to the website and found there was no phone number, I had to email them,” she said.

Silvio said she’s embarrassed to admit it, but she quickly learned she had ordered from a fake sports-jersey site located in China. She added anyone could have made this mistake because the Chinese site looks like an official team site, including the words “official online store.”

What’s that? Things on the Internet can claim to be official but not really be official? The Internet police, asleep at the switches yet again. Really, can’t blame this woman for hoodwinked by Chinese tricksters. After all, I’m sure even the Steelers store on NFLShop.com has misspelled Merril Hoge jerseys.

The site, NiceSteelers.com, even has its own blog. I say without compunction that it is at once the greatest and worst thing in the world. Here is but a snippet:

With the Steelers’ anchor on a playoff anchorage bottomward abroad, they are acquisitive to get afflicted quarteraback Ben Roethlisberger aback for their bold adjoin the Ravens on Sunday, but drillmaster Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday that, “appropriate now, Charlie accumulation is our quarteraback.”

Can’t question the drillmaster on that one. Obviously where the Steelers went wrong this year is not accumulating enough Charlies.

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