Your Hastily Thrown Together Last-Minute 1 p.m. Thread

11.22.09 8 years ago 173 Comments

Zoe noes! Jessica Simpson was spotted wearing a Cowboys hoodie again at some point this week. That might be considered a jinx in some instances (if such thing actually existed) but it will take far more than superstition to counter the staggering collective forces of fail that emanate from the Redskins and their fans who are now finally permitted to wave bitchy signs.

  • The Colts travel to their former homebase in Bawlmer to have the Band That Refused to Die march at them menacingly.
  • Cleveland and Detroit meet to remind folks that there are fine alternatives to watching sports on a clear crisp fall day.
  • Seattle! Minnesota! Ufford! Drew! Poor Ufford, glorying the poor play of Brian Russell in Jacksonville would be a nice sop for a Seahawks loss. No longer!
  • The Chiefs have already scored against the Steelers on a kick return. But Jeff Reed didn’t even get to whiff on a tackle!
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