Your Late Game Open Thread. Whoa…Not THAT Open

09.12.10 7 years ago 183 Comments

Am I the only one annoyed that there isn’t a better balance of 4 pm games in relation to 1 pm games? I am? Fine, I’ll shut up. But most of us, I’d imagine, are going to peep this Redskins-Cowboys game [which is at 8…I’m an idiot]. Of course, if you hate your life (or just have a penchant for Rainbow Metallic Snakeskin sissy shorts), you might enjoy this NFC West tilt between the Seahawks and Niners in Seattle. I might just take a nap, and then look for a tall building to jump from after watching this Bengals game.

Yep, football season is here. Might as well just lie back and enjoy it.

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