Your Regularly Scheduled Head Start On Your Search For Weekend Jack-0ff Material

07.25.08 9 years ago 26 Comments

I don’t think it’s appropriate to just throw out random links of porn sites, espeically since your typical Friday fare includes more family-friendly fetishables. But this week is different, partly because “fetishables” isn’t really a word. Unless you read TBL, and then you might as well throw the entire fucking dictionary into the fireplace. Do you even have a fireplace? We have two, but we don’t use either one. I always thought it would be neat to stick a TV in there that was actually showing an image of a burning fire, but getting that together would have been a waste of time. Kinda like this entire paragraph.

This week’s cheerleader pic comes from Hottest Girls Of Cheerleading. It’s a Texans Halloween party. Or something. I think an orgy was about to break out before there was this big bomb scare. And then Tiffany lost her keys and had to get a ride home from Melissa who drove into a ditch and now she can’t see the color orange anymore. In other words, it was a typical Texas night.

And if you’re looking to stay indoors this weekend, I have a movie recommendation for you…

Later on.

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