We Sent A Photographer To Alaska — His Pictures Reveal The Last American Frontier

01.15.16 1 year ago 9 Comments

Baldemar Fierro

We’re big fans of Baldemar Fierro’s photography. We had him shoot our trip to Vernon, CA (the inspiration for Vinci in True Detective, Season 2), we shared the story behind his favorite photo, and he even gave us advice on how to take better pictures for ourselves.

So when we got invited to go touring the far reaches of Alaska in a souped up Toyota Tundra, we let Baldemar take the gig. The images he came back with filled everyone with jealousy and showed one of the last wild places.

“The whole trip was a reminder that there’s still a frontier worth fighting for,” Baldemar said upon his return. “There’s a wilderness we need to protect.”

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