The 10 Best Cooking Shows On Netflix Streaming Right Now

09.28.16 4 weeks ago • 43 Comments
best cooking shows on netflix right now


Last Updated: September 28th

People, I think this concept is pretty self-explanatory. We like good food shows. Netflix has some. Off we go. Here are the best cooking shows on Netflix streaming, available right now.

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10. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Food Porn: 6/10

Informativeness: 5/10

Watchability: 4/10

Did I really put Guy Fieri’s show on the list? You bet I did. I love making fun of Guy as much as the next guy, but let’s not pretend there isn’t entertainment value in that. Do I cringe every time he overpronounces the last name he gave himself? Absolutely. But for the most part he’s a lovable clown. And say what you will about the guy, he at least tends to go places worth a visit. He went to Tommy’s Joynt in San Francisco, and anyone who likes Tommy’s Joynt can’t be all bad. As cheesily constructed as Triple D is, it nails the basics of what I want in a food show: a profile of a restaurant (and never a snooty one), along with an in-depth look at exactly how they make whatever dish they’re known for. Say what you will about Guy and his car and his dumb theme song, but Triple D has footage of people lovingly preparing food, the basis of all food programming.

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9. Chopped

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Food Porn: 5/10

Informativeness: 4/10

Watchability: 6/10

Can you believe Chopped has been around since 2009? Look, it’s not high art, but for those of us who love food shows, there are the food shows that feel like the books on your shelf — the ones you advertise your love for in the hopes that it says something about you — and the food shows that are more like your secret porn stash. Chopped is obviously in the latter category. Chopped‘s concept – four contestants have to cook a dish incorporating four different ingredients provided by producers in three separate rounds — was pretty cool, once upon a time. It’s gotten progressively worse over the years, as it focuses more and more on each contestant’s backstory, be they cancer survivor, playing for a dead relative, bullied in middle school, etc., and as the baskets ingredients have skewed more toward prepared foods. I don’t want to watch someone cook with pumpkin pie, it’s already a pumpkin pie! Also, the climax shouldn’t be dessert, that’s an optional dish. Anyway, it’s Chopped. You’ve probably seen it. Netflix has 35 episodes.

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8. The Great British Baking Show

Food Porn: 5/10

Informativeness: 6/10

Watchability: 10/10

For some reason, PBS felt they had to rename the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off as The Great British Baking Show when it aired in the US, but it’s otherwise the same show. Despite the fact that I’m not really into baking, and especially British baking, where they still treat sugar and salt like exotic delicacies to be deployed as sparingly as public displays of affection, but of course, the draw of GBBS isn’t really the food so much as the Christopher Guest-like collection of characters. It highlights the eccentricities that often lay just below outward averageness and proves once and for all that a reality show doesn’t need a “villain” nor competition shows a grating, A-hole host in order to retain viewers. All you need is this weird, charming, Hogwarts for cakes.

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7. Beat Bobby Flay

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