The 10 Best Food Documentaries On Netflix Streaming Right Now

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best food documentaries on netflix right now

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Last Updated: February 15th

Eating and drinking are essential parts of life, right up there with breathing and sex. We’ll count on you to research the latter two items on your own, but when it comes to food and alcohol we’re here to help.

Below are the 10 best food documentaries on Netflix right now that cover eating, drinking, and the vital place that these activities hold in our culture.

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10) A Year in Champagne

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David Kennard’s likes spending a year in France figuring out how great wines are made. This one is a the perfect feature for a quiet night in with a couple bottles of wine and some stinky cheese. The premise is as advertised: a year spent in France’s champagne country examining the people, vines and lives of winemakers. It’s segmented into seasons to cover a full year-long cycle in wine making. Kennard focuses on the winemakers and their struggles, or triumphs. It’s a refreshing look at a huge industry on a micro, human level. The viewer is invited into family homes for a slice of life, a glass of wine, and an amazing meal.

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9) Sushi: The Global Catch

Do you love sushi? That love of sushi might be leading to mass extinction. Sushi: The Global Catch tracks the history of sushi as a street food to international powerhouse cuisine. Over the last 30 years, sushi has blown up worldwide. The fisheries simply cannot sustain you being able to get fresh yellowtail in Akron on a daily basis. The film takes a pretty shocking look at how far we’ve gone and what needs to be done to stop the destruction of entire tuna fisheries. Maybe we should save the sushi for when we travel to Japan for a while… At the very least, we don’t need to buy sushi when we go to Ralph’s, do we?

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