The 10 Best History Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

05.10.17 3 months ago
best history documentaries on netflix right now


Last Updated: May 10th

History tends to be one of those subjects you either find insanely boring or massively fascinating. Often that comes down to the execution of the history being conveyed — because Dan Carlin sadly doesn’t have enough time in the day to narrate every historical story to us.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best historical documentaries on Netflix. These are the outliers, the moments of pure insanity, and the movements that have shaped our world.

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Chuck Norris Vs. Communism (2015)

Chuck Norris has gone from a revered ’80s strongman to a early aughts meme to a Ted Nugent level conservative. It’s been a hell of a career. For Americans he was a martial arts wielding American hero, but for Romanians he was a beacon of hope for a world free from the yoke of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s communist madness. The film chronicles and recreates the clandestine work of a few Romanians who were inspired to fight for freedom by watching Chuck Norris movies in 1980’s Romania.

It’s inspiring, kinda corny, and genuinely endearing.

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