The Real-Life Catalina Wine Mixer Is The Drunkest Party This Side Of Mardi Gras

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10.03.16 6 Comments

Sony/Catalina Island Company

I was at the Catalina Wine Mixer for roughly 10 hours. I was drunk for eight of those hours, and just buzzed for the other two. I mention this because I’m dead certain that my 80% drunk ratio skews near the very bottom of the “drunk people at the Catalina Wine Mixer scale.” Literally everyone else I met was wasted. Staggering. I’ve never seen so many people in one place whose eyes didn’t track when they talked.

That’s not a complaint, mind you. Because no one I met was belligerent. They weren’t rage drunk. They were MISQUOTING STEP BROTHERS LINES AT A MILLION DECIBELS drunk, which is actually pretty fun to be around.

Of all the loudly spoken, typically jumbled lines, one ruled supreme, for obvious reasons.


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