We Taste Tested The New And Old Nissin Instant Ramen Recipes To Try To Pick A Winner

E.S. Huffman

Last Friday, some pretty momentous news hit the interwebs: Cup Noodles, the favored dinner of dorm-dwellers and strange museum enthusiasts everywhere, had changed its formula in honor of its 45th birthday (and, more precisely, in honor of the marketing splash the change would make, as all mass-produced foodstuffs scramble to seem semi-healthy). No more would we be subjected to MSG headaches and sodium-induced hypertension in exchange for our 75-cent cup of ramen! No more would the flavors that hit our tongues be artificial!

In general, I’m not a Cup Noodles consumer. Even still, the first thing I wanted to do when I found out about the new flavor change was pit the old against the new. Because I’m all about pitting foods against one another, especially when there are only minor differences to be observed. (Say what you will about me. I still contend that Shake Shack’s cheeseburger is better than In-N-Out’s.)

And so, using my crafty means of string-pulling, I secured an Original Formula Chicken Flavor Cup Noodles and a New Recipe! Same Great Taste! Chicken Flavor Cup Noodles.

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