Here Are All The Places To Get Food Deals On The ‘Eclipse Day’

08.21.17 1 month ago


Bonnie Tyler is most well-known for singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. The song might not have anything to do with an actual eclipse, but that won’t stop the singer from belting out her famous tune on a cruise ship this Monday. That’s because North Americans will get a chance to witness a total solar eclipse on August 21st. This means that the moon will completely cover the sun in some parts of the US (from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina). The rest of the country will see a partial solar eclipse. This is the first solar eclipse to be visible in the US since 1979 and the first total solar eclipse in 99 years. That’s a pretty big deal and, to celebrate this epic event, stores and restaurants across the country are offering special eclipse day deals.

Here they are:


To celebrate the eclipse, Denny’s is offering a special version of pancakes that they have aptly named “Mooncakes”. Only available for one day (August 21st), restaurant customers can order unlimited “Mooncakes” (buttermilk pancakes shaped like the moon) for only $4.

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