Top Shelf: Let Us Teach You How To Make A Mean French 75

By: 03.04.16


In a world of nearly infinite cocktail options, I find myself on an unending quest. That is, to find a sweet-tart drink that still has enough of a booze kick to be taken seriously. It’s surprisingly difficult — especially given the fact that as a drinker, I’m not so much a creature of habit, and I’d prefer not to drink the exact same thing every night. Too many cocktails sway one way or the other; either they’re saccharine enough to have come from a slurpee machine, or strong enough to give me a contact buzz as soon as the glass is set down.

That said, there’s one cocktail that, made right, I could probably drink forever. Enter the French 75. If the French 75 was a person, it would be sweet and bubbly enough to attend your grandma’s garden party. But if that party ran late and you had to walk home through the tough part of town, it would pull brass knuckles out of its Louis Vuitton purse, slide them on, and say, “Let’s do this.”

Where did this drink come from? Given its qualifications–it’s like the best friend you never knew you needed and wanted in drink form. So, why isn’t it more popular?

I talked to Booze Traveler’s Jack Maxwell to find out a little more.

They say it was invented in Paris; of course, you never quite know. We didn’t have social media then, and no one captured it on some sort of recording device saying, ‘this was invented here.’ But they say it was invented in Paris, and that would make sense, being called the French 75.

It’s interesting…you have your gin, a little lemon juice, some simple syrup, and then you have a champagne floater on top of it, which is really interesting, because you’d think champagne would hold its own, that you wouldn’t mix it with another alcohol. So that’s an interesting drink to me.


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