What Maids Have Admitted To Finding In Hotel Rooms Will Make You Want To Car Camp From Now Until Forever

08.04.16 1 year ago


Reddit can be a source of fascinating personal anecdotes. Who knew winning a lifetime supply of apples could be so alienating? But along with the personal anecdotes comes a darker side: the horrifying, in-the-trenches tales you never wanted to know, yet find yourself scrolling through anyway.

What hotel workers have uncovered fits into the latter category. (Of course it does. Spoiler alert: a lot of poop and sex toys. Sometimes combined.) After asking the question, “Hotel maids of reddit, what was the most disturbing thing you found while cleaning out a room?” Reddit user AJmcfly received a wealth of skin-crawling answers.

Ready to start? Okay, let’s dive right in with arlee77’s answer. While not an eyewitness to the situation, it’s scarring nonetheless:

hearing about ice cube trays perfectly filled with human shit being found in the minibar at the Hilton stopped me from ever using ice cube trays in hotels again

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