This Phoenix Airport May Be The Next To Kick The TSA To The Curb After A Huge Luggage Blunder

05.15.16 1 year ago 5 Comments


Instituted after the horror and fear surrounding 9/11, the Transportation Security Administration  (TSA) is perhaps the best example of a government agency that simply makes life a whole lot more difficult for travelers as opposed to keeping them safe. TSA wait times are only increasing while the number of TSA personnel is decreasing in airports around the country. Even most of the stuff that they do under the guise of security is actually kind of worthless.

Airports are starting to take a stand against the TSA and “going private” with their security needs instead. This move still follows federal safety regulations and avoids embarrassing incidents that tend to come with the TSA. After a facepalm-worthy luggage gaffe from the TSA left 3,000 pieces of luggage stranded at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Thursday, the airport might be looking into tossing the TSA to the curb, CS Monitor reports. Airports in San Francisco, Montana, Kansas City, Key West and others, totaling 19, have already given the TSA the boot and Phoenix might be the 20th.

With more people than ever flying and using our nation’s airports, the TSA has been unable to meet the demand. In return, we’ve been met with long lines and nothing but headaches, which reflects poorly on the entire airline industry, even if the TSA isn’t under their control. The idea of taking security into their own hands to provide better service is interesting and something that we hopefully see more of heading into this summer where most of us will be boarding planes and dealing with these handsy, under-trained TSA agents.

(Via CS Monitor)

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