While We Wait For Election Results, People Are Sharing Post-Voting Stress Relief Tactics Online

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It’s been a long, grueling election season this year, with tempers heated and the country more polarized than ever. But it’s almost over! As we finally arrive on election day, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. As citizens across the country gradually get their vote out, however — starting with people who showed up at the polls bright and early at 6 a.m. on the east coast and moving on west — all that’s left to do for the rest of the day to bite our fingernails and wait it out, until results come trickling in later in the day.

For many of us that means a long, unproductive day at work while we nervously wait it out (drinking at our desks, if your company allows that sort of thing), trying to suppress the pits of dread or stifle premature, jinxing hope. One thing’s for sure, this election has been stressful for almost everyone in one way or another, which is why the hashtag #PostVotingStressRelease began trending on Twitter Tuesday morning. Whether that involves eating, drinking, or planning that vacation they’ve always wanted to take, or some, uh, more unconventional methods, people are sharing the various ways they are coping with election day stress.

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