A Collection Of Halloween Costumes You Should Definitely Not Try This Year

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We’ve been sharing Halloween costume ideas all month, and today we have suggestions for costumes you should avoid at all costs. Specifically, we must beseech you to avoid participating in CLOWNPOCALYPSE 2016 with these creepy clown Halloween costumes.

The clown hysteria has seemingly ramped up this year. Sure, there was a clown impersonating Pennywise in England all the way back in 2013. Then there were clowns stalking about Staten Island and Wasco, California, in 2014, and we had so many questions. Then 2015 brought us tidings of creepy clowns in a Chicago cemetery and a Wisconsin suburb. But 2016 has been an especially clownish year, and we aren’t talking about the election (well, maybe a little). In the past two months alone we’ve heard plenty of likely hoaxes about creepy clowns in Wisconsin, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW!

And now some clowns are even planning a Clown Lives Matter march, but we already know, thanks to Matt Lieb on the Filmdrunk Frotcast last month, “Clown lives don’t matter.”

So here are some scary clown costumes you shouldn’t wear, unless you want to catch these hands.

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