‘Star Trek’ Fans Need These Rare And Odd Collectibles In Their Lives

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11.19.15 3 Comments


Few franchises can match the cultural impact of Star Trek. Since the original series debuted in 1966, there have been cartoons, novels, movies and various TV incarnations (including a few that never happened and one set to debut for the 50th anniversary next year).

As is the case with any popular phenomenon, merchandise from Star Trek has become a big deal. Not limited to action figures and model starships that you can hang from your bedroom ceiling (don’t hang the action figures, it’s creepy) — Trek has lent its name to everything from prop replicas, film stills, and bathroom decor.

Here’s a look at some of the coolest merchandise to rock the Star Trek insignia:

Vintage Telephone

This officially licensed Enterprise-shaped telephone (sometimes available in its original box!) was produced in an almost forgotten era when phones needed to be connected via cord and the wireless communicators used in the show were nothing more than awe-inspiring science fiction.

Replica Communicator


Think Geek

Keeping that idea in mind, signature bulky and retro-looking props like this classic communicator are a big draw to collectors. Used by the away teams when communicating back with the Enterprise, these bulky things are also outdated by today’s standards.

Really, they were just fancy walkie talkies. There’s no touchscreen, no apps, you can’t even stream movies.

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