Just How Much Trash Is Left Behind In Times Square After The Ball Drops On New Year’s Eve?

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12.31.15 2 Comments

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With another New Year’s Eve upon us, let’s take a look back at this video the New York City Sanitation Department released shortly into 2015, to give you an idea of how much trash is left behind as pee-holding revelers flock to Times Square to watch the ball drop and usher a new year in. The answer is a lot of trash. Like the people in this video, you might guess a ton? Five tons? Nope, not even close.

The hard-working men and women with NYC Sanitation collect an estimate of 50 to 52 tons of waste, from noisemakers to discarded clothing to half-eaten pizzas. But the truly impressive thing is how quickly and efficiently they manage to clean the whole mess up. So, you think about that when you’re lah-dee-dah’ing it up with your high-priced meal at the Olive Garden tonight.

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