Is There Anything More Beautiful Than Tokyo’s First November Snowfall Since 1962?

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【東京で初雪】 Tokyo gets the first November snowfall in 54 years. (photo by Inoue ) #tokyo #tokyosnow #東京で初雪

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You may have been eating turkey and arguing with family members (sorry, hope you’re okay) last week, but the people of Tokyo were doing something a little different (although there were still probably arguments): They were celebrating the first snowfall of 2016 and Tokyo’s first November snowfall since 1962. That’s 40 days earlier than usual according to The Japan Times.

Fortunately for us, residents and tourists alike did not let this opportunity go to waste. Instead of standing around and offering very chill and informed opinions about how this means global warming isn’t a real thing — because, look, snow, in November — they grabbed their phones and documented the hell out of this unique occasion.

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