ESPN Aired A Video Game Tournament And It Confused The Hell Out Of Twitter

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Those who dismiss eSports now stand on the wrong side of history, or whatever. At least it's not poker.

Extreme Rules

The Best And Worst Of WWE Extreme Rules 2015


The Best and Worst of WWE Extreme Rules 2015 featuring ass kissing, flipped tables and some novelty siren lights.


To The Surprise Of No One, Vince Russo Publicly Made A Horrible, Transphobic Joke About Bruce Jenner

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Vince Russo had exactly the reaction you think he would to Bruce Jenner's transition.

2015 NFL Draft

What QB Should Your Team Draft If It Can’t Get Jameis Winston Or Marcus Mariota?


We take a look at the three top QB prospects on the draft board that aren't the two big names.

san antonio spurs

WWE Legend Shawn Michaels Wants To Get You Hype For The San Antonio Spurs

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Shawn Michaels intro-ed the Spurs' playoff game on Sunday, and the video is the most Texan thing you'll see today.


UFC Champ Jon Jones Is Wanted By Police For A Hit-And-Run Involving A Pregnant Woman

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Jon Jones is being sought for questioning by Albuquerque police regarding an accident on Sunday.

WWE Extreme Rules 2015

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Results

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Quick and dirty, editorial-free results for WWE Extreme Rules 2015.


Kevin Love Could Be Out A Month Because Of What He Called A ‘Bush-League’ Play By Kelly Olynyk

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The Cavaliers closed out their series against the Celtics Sunday, but their title chances took a hit after Kevin Love's shoulder injury.


Could Monday’s Game 4 Be LaMarcus Aldridge’s Last As A Trail Blazer?

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LaMarcus Aldridge has been cryptic lately about whether he plans to re-sign with the Blazers. Portland has every reason to be worried.

Extreme Rules

Daniel Bryan Has Officially Been Pulled From Extreme Rules And It’s Time To Get Worried

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Daniel Bryan has officially been pulled from WWE Extreme Rules 2015 and yes, that's the sound of angels crying.

J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith Is Ejected After This Flagrant 2 Slap To Jae Crowder’s Face

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Cavs' guard J.R. Smith was ejected for a cheap shot on the Celtics Jae Crowder

Marvel Comics

CM Punk Is (Technically) Writing A Comic About Batista

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MMA fighter and nothing else CM Punk has been announced as the writer for an ongoing 'Drax' comic for Marvel.


WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Open Discussion Thread

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The With Spandex WWE Extreme Rules 2015 open discussion thread, featuring more jokes about Sheamus' butthole than you ever wanted to read.


How Likely Is LaMarcus Aldridge To Leave Portland In Free Agency?

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<a href="">LaMarcus Aldridge</a> occupies an entirely unique place in the game of basketball, full of juxtapositions -- if not contradictions.

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