Arthur Blank Gave Julio Jones A Massive Contract And An On-Field Hug


Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank surprised Julio Jones with a new contract while Jones was warming up for a preseason game.

#Ronda Rousey

Brendan Schaub To Ronda Rousey: ‘Your Boyfriend Is Beating The Sh*t Out Of His Wife’

By | 8 Comments

Brendan Schaub didn't hold back in calling out Ronda Rousey, then thought the better of it.

#Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Loves His WWE ‘Family’ And Wants To Be Trump’s Running Mate

By | 5 Comments

Hulk Hogan is all smiles when chatting with TMZ about his love for his 'WWE family' and taking on the presidency with Donald Trump.


Tila Tequila Fired From ‘Big Brother’ For Loving Hitler

By | 20 Comments

Producers fired Tila Tequila after finding out about a 2013 photo she posted to Facebook wearing a Nazi armband in front of Auschwitz.

#Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Is Interviewing Donald Trump Tonight

By | 13 Comments

Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump on her One America News show.

iron maiden

Iron Maiden Released An Amazing ‘Donkey-Kong’ Inspired 8-Bit Video Game


Iron Maiden have released a Donkey-Kong-like video game inspired by their "Speed Of Light" music video.

#Madden 16

Dominate ‘Madden 16’ With These Pass Catching Tips


Prima Games' Zach Farley has 5 tips on how to dominate the passing game in 'Madden 16'

#The Desk

Why The Heck Are People Turning To George Zimmerman For Social Commentary?

By | 3 Comments

From George Zimmerman to Ben Carson, people have been saying some really stupid things this week.

#Viral Videos

A Man Felt A Cockroach In His Ear, And Doctors Found 25 More Living Inside

By | 7 Comments

This story makes a strong case for wearing earplugs while asleep.

Disc Golf

This Deaf Guy Nailed A Disc Golf Ace And Promptly Lost His Mind

By | 3 Comments

The celebration might be better than the throw, and that's saying something.


An Ohio High School Returned A Butt Punt For A Touchdown


They're high schoolers, so go easy on them. That being said, #buttpunt.

#Kobe Bryant

Jim Buss Is Not Shutting Down The Possibility Of Kobe Bryant Returning Next Season


The Lakers superstar hasn't decided about whether or not he would return in 2016-17, but the Lakers VP of basketball operations is saying he would welcome a Kobe return.


The NBA Community Mourns The Late, Great Darryl Dawkins On Social Media


Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, and more mourn Darryl Dawkins on social media.


Watch The Houdini Of Pee-Wee Quarterbacks Turn A Sack Into A Touchdown


This kid is the Pee-Wee football version of Madden 2004 Michael Vick.

#Ronda Rousey

This Marine Wants To Take Ronda Rousey To The Marine Ball In December

By | 7 Comments

Jarrod Haschert's social media campaign to take Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball in September is gaining steam.

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