Ronda Rousey Has Tiny ‘Carnie Hands’ And Other Interview Highlights

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Ronda Rousey revealed she has the smallest hands in all the lands in her interview with ESPN.


The WrestleMania 31 Drinking Game To Help Get You Through This Year’s Show

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Excited for your WrestleMania party more than the show itself? Here, take this. You'll need it.


Sting Says His WrestleMania 31 Match Could Be His Last

By | 10 Comments

After decades of working for the other guys, Sting's finally in the WWE. But could this match against Triple H be how he goes out?

Michael Jordan

Everything You Missed About Michael Jordan’s ‘Double-Nickel’ At MSG On The 20 Year Anniversary


We look back at MJ's historic double-nickel night at Madison Square Garden and tell you some things you didn't know about his legendary night.

#LeBron James

A Nets Heckler Claims ‘Crybaby’ LeBron James Asked Security To Remove Him

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Hecklers are something we will never understand. Why a fan would pay hard-earned money for a great seat just so he or she could berate opposing players and act as a wild malcontent is absolutely beyond us. Is it really that fun to act like an a**hole?


Meet The Diehard Kentucky Fan With ‘UK’ Tattooed On His Face

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The parents he most undoubtedly still lives with must be very proud.


Rey Mysterio Confirmed That He Has No Plans To Retire

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Despite the rampant rumours, the diminutive luchador doesn't plan on going anywhere.


Friday Wrestling Conversation: Which Era Of The Undertaker’s Career Is Your Favorite?

By | 55 Comments

The Undertaker is arguably the greatest character ever in pro wrestling, and we want to know your reasons why.


The Best And Worst Of SmackDown 3/26/15: Sipping Virgin Margaritas

By | 31 Comments

Daniel Bryan kicks ass, Renee Young charms and Nikki Bella shoots, brother, on the WrestleMania hype edition of Smackdown.

#The Rock

The Rock Could Be Heading To WrestleMania After His ‘SNL’ Hosting Gig

By | 13 Comments

Will The Rock fly across the country to bail his cousin out of a Lesnar-sized jam? Sure, maybe!


Your Official With Spandex WWE WrestleMania 31 Predictions

By | 169 Comments

WrestleMania 31 happens this Sunday and may (finally) change the landscape of WWE. Here's what we think will happen.

NCAA Tournament

The Gin Blossoms Are The Most ’90s Band Of All Time

By | 33 Comments

From 64 groups down to one, we have finally established what The Most '90s Band of All Time is.

gene simmons

WWE And Gene Simmons Are Teaming To Produce Crappy Horror Movies All Night and Every Day

By | 17 Comments

The KISS Demon is teaming up with a wrestling company again. No, the real KISS Demon.


Ric Flair Acknowledged Sting’s Time At TNA On The WWE Network, And It Was Awkward Hilarity

By | 40 Comments

Ric Flair reminded everyone that Sting has been wrestling for the last 10 years and WWE might be freaking out.

NCAA Tournament

Can’t Hate ‘Em All: Duke Basketball Players We Should All Actually Like

By | 22 Comments

Everyone loves to hate the Blue Devils. But there have been players worth liking. Here are 10 of them.


Get Ready For Lucha Underground’s Flagship Event, ULTIMO LUCHA

By | 18 Comments

Aside from the actual lucha libre action going on between the ropes, the trademark of Lucha Underground might be that it's like nothing on TV right now.

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