Highly Questionable Asked CM Punk About Pooping, Divas And Sharing Food With Dana White

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WWE star turned MMA newbie CM Punk stopped by Highly Questionable for a pretty terrible interview about poop, Divas and Charles Barkley.


‘The Big Lebowski’ Is Taking Its Rightful Place In The Library Of Congress

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The National Film Registry is adding 'The Big Lebowski' and 24 other classics to the incredible catalog at the Library of Congress.

Chris Conte

One NFL Player Says He’d Rather Die Early Than Not Play In The League

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Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte was inactive for the drubbing his team took at the hands of the New Orleans Saints on Monday due to yet another injury that up to this point have plagued his 2014 season.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The UFC’s Class Action Anti-Trust Lawsuit

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Jon Fitch, Nate Quarry, and Cung Le have filed a class action anti-trust lawsuit against the UFC, things are going to get crazy.


Even Mike Ditka Can’t Bring Himself To Watch The Chicago Bears Anymore

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Mike Ditka can no longer bring himself to watch the Bears on television.


The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 12/25/95: The Dog Who Saved Christmas

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The vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for December 25, 1995, and yes, Pepe is dressed like Santa Claus.


The Best And Worst Of Main Event And Smackdown 12/16/14: All I Want Is To See You Succeed

By | 33 Comments

Live Super Smackdown and Main Event get dissected in one big B-show mega report!

#Viral Videos

Watch This High Schooler Hit Two Half Court Buzzer-Beaters In The Same Game


Once is nice, twice is better. Here's two half court buzzer beaters in the same game.


Here Are William Regal’s Essential Notes On Becoming A Pro Wrestler

By | 36 Comments

WWE's William Regal knows what he's talking about. Here are his essential notes on what you need to succeed in pro wrestling.

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Andre Igoudala’s Travel Dance Is The GIF That Keeps On Giving

By | 9 Comments

The most entertaining clip of Tuesday's NBA action featured Andre Igoudala dancing.

#WWE Raw

Raw’s Rating Fell To A Near Record Low This Week And An Embarrassing TLC Could Be To Blame

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Monday's episode of WWE Raw was the lowest rated non-holiday episode since 1997. Who's to blame?


This Might Be The Best One-Round MMA Fight Of The Year

By | 7 Comments

From jolly old England comes this fight in British Challenge MMA 9, a featherweight showdown between undefeated Corrin Eaton and Athinodoros "Theo" Michailidis.


And Now, Warbler Dean Ambrose And The WWE 12 Days Of Christmas

By | 25 Comments

WWE and Sky Sports have released this year's WWE 12 Days Of Christmas, and this year your true love's giving seven Russians crushing.


WWE Smackdown 800: Super Smackdown Live Results

By | 28 Comments

Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Smackdown 800: Super Smackdown Live results for 12/16/14.

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Here’s Reggie Miller Absolutely Trashing Kobe Bryant In An Interview

By | 35 Comments

Reggie Miller had some strong thoughts when asked about Michael Jordan-Kobe Bryant comparisons.


WWE Smackdown 800: Super Smackdown Live Open Discussion Thread 12/16/14

By | 619 Comments

WWE loves its long show names. Tonight we openly discuss WWE Smackdown 800: Super Smackdown Live. Whew.

George McCaskey

Bears Chairman George McCaskey Was Allegedly Shoved During A Physical Altercation With A Saints Fan

By | 5 Comments

A Saints fan tried sitting in Chairman McCaskey's seat at Soldier Field and he was not having it.

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