Check Out Rob Gronkowski’s Party Bus, The ‘One Thing’ He Really Wanted With His New Contract


Gronk also has a driver called "Goon" who drives him wherever he wants to go. For example, Arizona.

Stan Mikita

Former Blackhawks Great Stan Mikita Is Suffering From Dementia

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A spokesperson for the family of former Blackhawks great Stan Mikita released a statement on Friday indicating the hockey legend is battling serious health issues after being diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, a progressive disease similar to Alzheimer's.


WWE’s Crummy Comic Might Be Cancelled

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Rumour has it that we might not get anymore things to not spend our money on.

#Pro Wrestling

Your Official And Totally Biased Guide To Voting In This Year’s RSPW Awards

By | 21 Comments

We can't tell you how to vote in the internet's oldest fan-voted awards, but we'll at least try.

The Shade

Watch Roger Goodell Throw Serious Shade At CNN’s Rachel Nichols

By | 23 Comments

Roger Goodell was asked a tough question so of course he responded with shade.

Friday Sports Conversation

Friday Sports Conversation: Why Do People Hate The New England Patriots?

By | 150 Comments

Why do YOU hate the New England Patriots? Sound off in today's Friday sports conversation.


The Friday Wrestling Conversation: Have You Ever Given Up On WWE?

By | 120 Comments

Was it the Nineties? The advent of the PG era? Literally five days ago? Let's talk about it!

#Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Is Viewable In Canada Again, Eh?

By | 4 Comments

Impact Wrestling finally remembered to Destinate Canada, too.


Mick Foley Used A Fanny Pack To Cheat In The Wing Bowl And Got Ejected

By | 18 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley forever ruined his reputation by using a secret fanny pack to cheat in the prestigious Wing Bowl.


The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 1/29/15: Doin’ The Hartford Hoedown

By | 88 Comments

Cena faces off with Rusev and Daniel Bryan faces off with a casket on this live edition of Smackdown.

Daniel Bryan

Five Years Ago, Daniel Bryan Explained Why Everyone’s So Pissed About The 2015 Royal Rumble

By | 54 Comments

On a 2010 episode of NXT, then-rookie Daniel Bryan explained WWE's problem with Roman Reigns and why everyone's upset about the 2015 Rumble.


WWE Live Smackdown Results 1/29/15

By | 32 Comments

Here are your quick, dirty, commentary-free Smackdown results.


WWE Live Smackdown Open Discussion Thread 1/29/15

By | 806 Comments

Come discuss openly about tonight's live because of snow Smackdown!


Jim Cornette Refuses To Watch Lucha Underground Because He Hates Writers And…Burritos?

By | 47 Comments

Jim Cornette thinks Lucha Underground is like "hot dogs and burritos," and hates everything but Matlock.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 12: Cage Fighters

By | 34 Comments

The over/under on Lucha Underground episode 12, featuring Prince Puma vs. Cage and a title belt being ripped the hell in half.


6 Changes NXT Needs To Make To Improve Its Stars’ Success Rate On The Main Roster

By | 141 Comments

It may be time for NXT to make some tough changes if more of its graduates are to survive the main roster.

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