WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 3/2/15

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Here's your official With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread, now featuring a Jon Stewart guest appearance.


Curt Schilling Is Standing Up To Twitter Trolls Who Sent Sexual Tweets At His Teenage Daughter

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The message is simple: your tweet directed at the woman you don't know is not funny.


‘Total Divas’ Recap: Poor Nattie Can’t Handle The Sexuality Of The Model Tyson Kidd

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On this week's 'Total Divas,' Nattie pushes Tyson Kidd to try modeling and then immediately takes it all back when other boobies show up.

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWF Monday Night Raw 4/12/93: Look To La Luna

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The vintage Best and Worst of WWF Monday Night Raw for April 12, 1993, featuring a Sherri Martel/Luna Vachon catfight for the ages.

College Basketball

Can Anybody Beat Kentucky Basketball? There’s Only One Logical Way To Do It.

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The Kentucky Wildcats are still undefeated. But what if they were undefeated well into the future? Then beating them would take science.

#Iggy Azalea

Nick Young Has Already Hit Back At ESPN’s Robert Flores For His Comments About Iggy Azalea

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What was supposed to be an <a href="">innocent joke</a> at the expense of Iggy Azalea has now evolved into an all-out war between ESPN's Robert Flores and Nick Young.


A Fly Looking Mark Henry Stopped To Talk About Wanting Rick Ross To Redo His Theme Music

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Could Mark Henry team up with his brother from another mother, Rick Ross? Let's hope so.


WWE Immortalized Hulk Hogan With A Banner At Madison Square Garden (And It’s Already Gone)

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Hulk Hogan was honoured at Madison Square Garden, where 'forever' means 'until the Knicks game I guess.'


Madusa/Alundra Blayze Will Be The Next Inductee Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Madusa, veteran of WWF, WCW, AWA, AJW and the goddamn Monster Truck circuit will be going into the Hall this year.

Duke Basketball

Report: Dismissed Duke Guard Rasheed Sulaimon Investigated For Sexual Assault


A troubling report has emerged about the first player Coach K has ever kicked off one of his Duke teams.


WWE Creative’s Coming Up With A Backup Plan In Case Brock Lesnar No-Shows WrestleMania

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Brock Lesnar showed up at UFC 184, and there's a chance he won't show up at WrestleMania 31. If that happens, WWE needs a plan.

#Jon Stewart

John Cena Says He Fears Jon Stewart, And Seth Rollins ‘May Not Know What He’s Getting Into’

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TMZ caught up with John Cena to ask him some WrestleMania questions, including his thoughts on the Seth Rollins/Jon Stewart feud.


This Slow Motion Video Of A Race Car Crashing Into A Barrier Will Make You Cringe

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Not even the announcers can watch the replay without wincing in (imagined) pain.


Did James Harden Intentionally Kick LeBron James In The Crotch?

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Intensity during today's game between the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers was already at a rising simmer. After James Harden fell to the floor and intentionally kicked LeBron James below the belt, it's a wonder that it hasn't boiled over entirely.


Baseball Legend And Barrier-Breaker Minnie Minoso Has Passed Away


Minnie Monoso, the man often called baseball's first Latin star, has passed away.

#LeBron James

LeBron James Gets Steal, Sprints Past James Harden For Tomahawk Slam


How many times have we seen this from LeBron James? And how many times have defenders like James Harden opted against challenging The King at the rim?


Martha Stewart Claims She’s Got The Skills To Roll A Perfect Joint

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Martha Stewart reveals her joint rolling skills in this interview and determines which billionaires she'd shag, marry, or kill.

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