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Jon Stewart Turns On President Obama

By / 07.27.11

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing everything I possibly can to avoid getting wrapped up in the increasingly retarded goings-on in Washington over the budget and the debt ceiling blah, blah, blah. Yes, American politics have been frustrating and depressing the hell out of me lately (Imagine that!) — I’m talking “God I wish I could just move to another planet” frustrating and depressing. And the present wrangling about the budget and the raising of the debt ceiling is like the apex of that aforementioned frustration and depression. Besides, I’ve got had more important things to worry about, like the NFL lockout that finally, PRAISE JESUS, ended — so now I can turn my focus to fantasy football. (Oh by the way our pals at With Leather have a free fantasy baseball thing going on right now and you should totally go play!)

But still, it’s impossible for me not to catch wind of some of the nonsense going on in our nation’s capital when I watch the Daily Show, and last night Jon Stewart took some time out from eviscerating Fox News and the GOP to unleash some of his frustrations with the whole clusterf*ck on President Obama.

“Did the president just quit?,” Stewart asked in response to Obama calling on citizens to call their representatives in Congress to basically beg them to be reasonable human beings. “You’re the president and you’re asking us to call Congress? Yeah sure, I’ll call Congress. And why don’t you come here and mow my f*cking lawn because I’ve got sh*t to do!”

Watch the clip after the jump…

BONUS DAILY SHOW CLIP! Watch CNN’s Don Lemon — who I have met and can attest is a swell dude — show hilarious disdain for the network he works for…


I want more like this!

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