Facebook Fail-Log: October Edition

By: 10.11.11

First of all, don’t admit this on your Facebook, Joel, unless you want every employer from now on to imagine you sitting across from them with chemically burned testicles.  Secondly, the words “burning sensation” on the packaging were probably your biggest hint.

…We saw a movie like that once.

To be fair, this is the level of education one expects from the only state to have its own Fark tag.

Oh, yeah, sure, she’ll get right on that.

I post this image not because it’s new and current, but because apparently there is not a single fervent Christian on Facebook who has ever seen Goatse, or gets for a moment what this image evokes to literally anybody who has been on the Internet long enough to meet a troll.  Seriously, this has been in circulation for years.  YEARS.  Somebody just post Goatse pictures at all the megachurches or something and get it over with.

Sex educators are failing us.

That’s all for this month, but we’ll be back with more Facebook terror.  Until then, don’t put anything on the Internet you don’t want someone else to laugh at.

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