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Zoolander And Stefon Know What’s Hot This Halloween

By 10.10.11

When last we heard about the potential Zoolander sequel, Ben Stiller was working on a script with Justin Theroux, the writer of Tropic Thunder whom I will always remember as the tatted up Irishman in the second Charlie’s Angels film. It appears Stiller might be trying to gauge audience interest in a Zoolander sequel, as he reprised the role in a Weekend Update sketch on Saturday Night Live this weekend. He appeared there as Stefon’s guest, speaking about the Halloween party they’re throwing for charity in New York’s hottest neighborhood (in the middle of the Hudson River, it’s so obscure).

The good news is we have the clip, and it’s even funnier than a regular Stefon bit. The bad news is we’ve only got a Hulu video at the moment, and they don’t let people outside the U.S. watch it. Won’t somebody think of the children who are fat but not in a cute way? Some of them aren’t American, probably.

[Hat tip and one human fire extinguisher to Buzzfeed.]


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