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Jon Stewart Highlights Fox News' Amazing Evolution On Gay Marriage

By 05.11.12

Jon Stewart pointed out something interesting last night on the Daily Show that others have noted as well: the lack of a full-blown freakout on Fox News over Obama’s gay marriage announcement earlier in the week. It’s as if they’ve finally come to the realization that culture wars are probably a losing issue in 2012 and that an entire generation of voters is being alienated by the ignorance and bigotry of the party’s wingnut faction.

“And this is a true measure of how far we’ve come as a nation,” Stewart said last night. “In like five years the prime talking point from Republicans, on people who support gay marriage, has gone from ‘It will destroy society via turtle-f-cking’ to ‘Oh of course you’re for it, you’ll say anything popular to get reelected.’ And that is progress.”

Well said, sir.


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