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Lena Dunham Gets Support From Louis C.K., Tells Colbert That She Has 'Never Done The Sex'

By / 05.04.12

I’m so confused about how I feel about Girls. I was ready to write off the show after the first two episodes but this I gave in and watched this past Sunday’s episode and it kind of won me over a little bit. But then I read this epic takedown of the show a couple of days ago and I went back to sort of hating it.

The backlash against the show has been mainly about the all-whiteness of the cast, the way there are no people in color in Lena Dunham’s NYC except bit-part, background workers here and there. Personally I think people of color have dodged a bullet, and should celebrate their own non-representation in this TV-mumblecore hellscape. While this show slimes along, I like to imagine the whole rest of mixed-race NYC having a terrific time everywhere that Lena Dunham and her friends are not, letting Dunhamites move around in a permanent bubble of privileged-white-girl malevolence, shunned by all decent people.

Dunham is already trying to shore up her voice-of-a-generation status by threatening to diversify the cast of Girls in subsequent seasons. Don’t cooperate, people of color! If she tries to cast you, punch her right in the face! Just watch the awful final scene in the first episode of Girls and you’ll see why you want nothing to do with this freak show!

But then last night I saw this and I wanted to like it again…

I’m so confused. Adding to my confusion: Lena Dunham telling Colbert last night that she’s never “done the sex.” Is Lena Dunham a virgin? I can’t tell if she’s joking or being serious. HELP!

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I want more like this!

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