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All Hail The King: Old Spice Muscle Music With Terry Crews Is The Flame Sax Of Viral Videos

By / 08.29.12

Back in the heady viral days of 2010 Old Spice ruled the land thanks to the randomly confident hilarity that was Isiah Mustafah/Old Spice Guy and Tim & Eric + Terry Crews. I remember it like it was just a few short years ago. But nothing lasts forever — or much over a week — on the internet, and while Old Spice has remained a relevant viral advertising player that sort of lightning in a bottle can only be maintained for so long.

But can it be rekindled with pure genius and max effort? Can one company reclaim the elusive viral crown? Enter: Old Spice Muscle Music. Their latest effort hooks up Terry Crews’ muscles to assorted musical instruments, where he demos his skills for a quick minute and then you can get all interactive and create muscle music of your own. I feel safe in typing that it’s the most fun I can remember ever having with an interactive video. And keep in mind several websites autodraft my subscription fee every month.

Not to ruin too much muscle music discovery, but the “A”, “N”, and left bracket keys are in a three-way tie for most pressed on my keyboard.

You can thank Wieden+Kennedy, Mackenzie Cutler, and The Mill for all the flame sax. Maybe they can do something about Terry Crews’ dialogue for Season 2 of the The Newsroom.

Via Gawker and The High Definite

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