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Stop Everything And Check Out This Amazing Video Of A Helicopter Pilot Harvesting Christmas Trees

By 12.10.13

Amazing Video Of A Helicopter Pilot Harvesting Christmas Trees

Above is a possible representation of the pilot you see at work in this amazing video. It’s the only possible explanation for why he would want to harvest Christmas trees in such a furious manner. If you thought you were a pretty good pilot in Grand Theft Auto V, I bet this guy is better. From the YouTube description:

Christmas Tree harvesting at Noble Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon. Pilot Dan Clark flying a Northwest Helicopters, LLC 206B3 Jetranger November of 2008. Oregon is the nation’s biggest producer and exporter of Christmas trees, selling about 7.3 million trees a year, more than twice that of No. 2 North Carolina.

The largest Christmas tree producer in the state is Holiday Tree Farms of Corvallis, shipping about 1 million trees a year. Manager Dave Silen says a shift toward more family gatherings this year could help sales. The holiday trees represent a $101 million industry in Oregon.

I’ll be quite honest, I had bad pictures in my mind when I first read about the video on Reddit. I could’ve swore we’d be in for a disaster.

The only thing I can say is watch the video. I could fly a chopper for years and I guarantee I’d still destroy a truck or worse. I know I’d definitely ruin Christmas for a lot of people and then fly directly to Mexico.

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