A Very Unscientific Ranking Of The Films Of Gary Busey

By: 06.29.14  •  22 Comments

7) Rookie Of The Year – I thought this to be a controversial choice when I first started putting this together. It’s for kids. There’s very little violence. It just seems out of place.

But then I thought about it and he’s honestly the main reason to see the movie. Once you’re past the kid with the special arm talent and the jokes, there’s only run down, grizzled Busey to carry you through. And he’s great. If Chet Steadman were a real baseball player, he’d be the kind of guy I’d probably own a jersey or shirt with his name on it. He looks like the kinda guy who could go out and throw nine innings, down a case of beer, and still feel good enough to pitch again the next day.

6) Under Siege – Hard to beat going toe to toe with Steven Seagal. Even harder? Taking over an entire battleship with the help of a crazed former CIA dog of war. Nearly impossible? Doing it in drag. Busey does it all and he does it with gusto.

The only real drawback I have here is that Busey kind of dies like a b*tch. He doesn’t get the glorious death in battle that Tommy Lee Jones achieves, instead losing his spot in the picture indirectly. He’s always much better when he can physically be dispatched in person.

5) Black Sheep – Why is Black Sheep this high? Why is it even on this list? Because it is the best Chris Farley movie. Keep Tommy Boy and I’ll gladly take Black Sheep. It’s got all the laughs of Tommy Boy plus Gary Busey. Throw in political intrigue and it’s basically like I’m watching the bad ass version of The West Wing.

Drake Sabitch is a great American who lives in a bus and has booby trapped the hell out of his property. He enters the movie getting hit by a car and then threatening to f*ck David Spade’s mother into oblivion. How do you top that? How about trying to hoist a very large Chris Farley up for a victory hug? It’s all here in front of you people, you just have to look.

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