A Very Unscientific Ranking Of The Films Of Gary Busey

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It’s Gary Busey’s birthday today (70 years old) and in honor of the man, we should take a look back at his prime work and determine what is the best and what should be avoided at all costs.

Before everyone believed him to be a crazy man, which I think is half act and half real, Gary Busey was actually an in-demand actor in Hollywood. He showed a wide range of acting chops, from the silly guest role, to the sharp, scary antagonist, and even a few leading parts.

I’m basically putting this list together without the aid of scientific evaluation or a guide because I think it would be a disservice to the man and his career. So all I ranked on was grit, heart, and my gut feelings on the movies. I personally think he’s been in some of the best movies of 80s and early 90s, the kinda flicks that I’ll watch whenever they are on.

With that though, there are a lot that I haven’t seen or I don’t feel are truly “Gary Busey movies.” Movies like Thunderbolt And Lightfoot or A Star Is Born, where he might only be a supporting member, but they’re somewhat cool enough to mention.

Others I just haven’t gotten to see like The Gumball Rally, Lost Highway, The Buddy Holly Story, and the YouTube famous Bulletproof. I’m not a machine, dammit. Then are the ones I never want to see, like Pirahna 3DD, which takes all the fun of the first Pirahna and guts it, or Valley Of The Wolves Iraq.

There’s also a few that didn’t make it, but are awesome anyway like Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and Drop Zone. I will fight any man that says Drop Zone isn’t one of Wesley Snipes better movies.

10) Big Wednesday – This is probably Busey’s best quality movie. A lot of folks cite The Buddy Holly Story as his shining moment (I think he does too), but I am partial to John Milius’ coming of age tale. I’d rather watch it than Stand By Me for the millionth time, plus it’s got a lot of surfing. I’m partial to surfing, which is something that will come into play a bit later.

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9) D.C. Cab – An all-star cast of miscreants in a feel good movie about a D.C. cab company trying to make it on the mean streets. What’s not to love? I think this is the one movie where Gary Busey doesn’t actually make the movie, but instead it’s Charlie Barnett as Tyrone that steals the show.

That said, I feel that this is Busey in his element. Loud, obnoxious, sorta racist at times, and completely inappropriate. He’s the perfect compliment to a cast of oddballs that includes Bill Maher and Mr. T pre-Wrestlemania. You might not think it is worthy of this list, but I’d say go watch it and try not to like it.

8) Silver Bullet – If D.C. Cab is Busey in his element, this one takes it a step further into basically capturing the Busey of D.C. Cab in his downtime. Here he plays Uncle Red to Corey Haim’s wheelchair bound Marty and he doesn’t nothing but try to make life a little more awesome for the little feeb. Not only does he turbo charge his wheelchair for him and buy him dangerous fireworks, he’s one of the only ones in the movie to believe the werewolf tales and help out.

Of course Busey believes in werewolves. If he didn’t, I don’t think he’d be doing his myth any justice.

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