A Very Unscientific Ranking Of The Films Of Gary Busey

By: 06.29.14  •  22 Comments

4) Surviving The Game – This is the movie that broke my rule because Busey is not a main attraction in this film. He doesn’t even make it to the halfway point. But he gives an incredible speech and comes at Ice-T with everything he’s got while he’s on screen that he just makes the movie worth watching. Without him, I’m not even sure I’d give it the time of day. But once he starts throwing firecrackers at “the prince” and growling like a mad man, I’m sold.

Also, if you told me that Gary Busey and Rutger Hauer were hunting homeless people in the woods for real, I’d believe you. You wouldn’t even need to explain it, I’d just believe it.

3) Predator 2 – Much like Drop Zone, I will stand firm in support of Predator 2 as a great movie. It isn’t as good as the original Predator, but it’s got a lot of fantastic things going on. There’s using cocaine to heal wounds, voodoo curses, beheadings galore, a pretty bad ass Danny Glover and an even more bad ass Gary Busey.

Busey goes toe to toe with the Predator for a total of five minutes and manages to put up a better fight than everyone that isn’t named Danny Glover in this movie. He gets a bigger tussle than Jesse “The Body” Ventura did in the original.

2) Lethal Weapon – Busey is legitimately scary in this movie. He’s played bad guys before, but few top Mr. Joshua from Lethal Weapon in terms of general ruthlessness and unpredictability. It isn’t until the very end of the movie when he attacks the Murtaugh house that we ever manage to catch up with what he is going to do next.

I personally feel that when he assassinates Tom Atkins from the helicopter, that’s the moment when his character can make anything happen in the movie. It’s not too long after that when he blast Riggs with a shotgun, proving me right. The lighter scene is no slouch either though, so I include it.

1) Point Break – I think Point Break is hard to beat as a quality movie from top to bottom. There’s a simple story with drama, interesting characters, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze calling in the performances of a lifetime, and then Gary Busey.

Angelo Pappas is Uncle Red from Silver Bullet on steroids and he’s giving guidance left and right in the form of meatball subs. He’s out for justice and he’s one of the only people who truly knows the motivation behind The Ex-Presidents robberies.

The only thing that puts this movie about Lethal Weapon in terms of the ultimate Busey role is that I think it’d be great without him. The movie can stand on it’s own without him and his supporting role as Pappas merely adds to something that is already completely awesome. If Road House didn’t exist, it’d be the Patrick Swayze movie they show on TV every weekend.

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