A Salute To The Greatest Patriots In The History Of American Film

By: 07.05.14

Stanley Motts (Wag The Dog) – When you first meet this Robert Evans clone in Wag The Dog, you get the feeling that he’s out of touch with the task at hand. He’s got his head firmly in the dream cloud of Hollywood and he’s not letting any of it get in to affect him. But you’d be wrong, of course.

Inside this man is a mind of creativity and ingenuity. Making things happen in the name of America, namely the President of The United States. Problems arise and he rolls with the punches, making them vanish with the help of his extremely well crafted network.

The other thing that puts Motts on this list is his desire to want credit for his work. This is a nation of thinkers and dreamers, but they aren’t part of some collective. This is about the individual as much as anything and Motts represents that, so much so that he ends up giving his life for his nation. He certainly created a hell of a war in the process though.

Rocky Balboa (Rocky IV) – I’ve been hard on Stallone up to this point. Rambo is awesome, but I have a hard time including him on this list. Rocky on the other hand is an easy choice, especially when it comes to Rocky IV. We’ve all seen it, the battle against the Soviet Union through the lens of a boxing match, the vengeance we would all seek for a fallen friend, and those awesome flag trunks. How could he not be on this list.

Throw in the rags to riches, “grab the brass ring” type of story that has led Rocky to this point and you have a classic patriot. He almost earns a place on this list thanks to this speech alone:

Bluto ( Animal House) – Hard not to include a future senator on the list. Especially one that manages to pull himself up by his boot straps and survive having one of the worst college careers of any student in history. But what Bluto lacks in grades, he makes up in heart.

The other thing he emulates, alongside his Delta House brothers, is that spirit of revolution that gave birth to this nation. Dean Wormer and his band of thugs want to rule their own way without giving proper representation to the Delta fraternity. So what do they do? Drop a big turd in their punch bowl. If it doesn’t stir your loins for a bit of American pride, I don’t know what will.

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