Amy Poehler Totally Photobombed Louis C.K. & Hillary Clinton Last Night

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04.25.12 4 Comments

In the annals of greatest famous person photobombs, Tina Fey, Aaron Rodgers and Amber Heard are unquestionably the leaders of the pack — the most creative and deft in the celeb photobombing field.

But now a challenger appears in the form of the beloved woman who so expertly portrays Leslie Knope on Parks & Rec, Amy Poehler. She attended the Time 100 gala last night where she crashed the photo above of Louis C.K. and Hillary Clinton. Well done, Pancake.

Also, right-wing rage over Hillary Clinton talking to someone who called Sarah Palin a c*nt coming in 3…2…1.

Also, Poehler was on Letterman last night where Dave went on and on about being obsessed with Parks & Rec, just like everyone on the internet.

(Pic via Getty Images via Jezebel)

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