Anonymous Documentary, ‘We Are Legion,’ Premieres At Sundance


In case you haven’t heard, the annual convergence of Hollywood bigwigs and desperate wannabes in a snowy mountain town known as Sundance kicked off last week and “We Are Legion,” a documentary about Anonymous, was one of the films that was unveiled at the film festival. According to reports from those who have seen the film, it portrays the hackers favorably as brave revolutionaries protecting the modern world from itself rather than, say, petulant children whose only weapon is taking down websites no one ever visits.

Reports Wired:

“The last two or three days we’ve seen a lot of what Anonymous does,” We Are Legion director Brian Knappenberger said in an interview with here Saturday, the morning after the documentary’s premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival. “You know, there was a film about the Weather Underground that came out a few years ago, and that was made 30 years after they were blowing up buildings, and I love that film. But picture making a film like that while they were still blowing up buildings — that’s what I’m talking about.”

We Are Legion might be the first to portray the group’s members as true revolutionaries, and it could serve as a time capsule if the kind of online sit-ins and retaliatory strikes that Anonymous has helped create become the new model for civil disobedience across the globe.

The film’s trailer is below…

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