Breaking Bad Supercuts Are Great From Any Angle

01.13.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Sometimes we’re too busy being impressed by the stellar acting and writing of AMC’s Breaking Bad to notice how skilled the director is. Sometimes great camera work is so good you don’t even notice it until you stop to think about how awesome that thing just was. YouTuber noticed, however, and put together this compilation of “POV shots mostly from inanimate objects (e.g., frying pan, toilet, wood floor, dryer, shovel, sidewalk, parking lot, clipboard, roomba, grill, pizza, bathtub, refrigerator, pool, vent, cleaning brush, etc)” set to the song “Move” by Jonathan Elias.

Juxtaposing some of the clips for effect — Walt adding more and more money to a ventilation duct over the course of all four seasons, for example — was a deft touch. Some of this footage might be considered a spoiler if you haven’t been watching the show, which raises a very important question: why the hell aren’t you watching this show? Respect the chemistry.


[Hat tip and a variety of breakfast foods to Laughing Squid.]


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