Chris Christie Will Not Be Tricked Into Talking About Twinkies From Behind A Podium

11.16.12 5 years ago

When I’m deciding whether I’m going to share a video with our attractive and intelligent audience there’s usually one exact moment where I decide it’s a keeper, and if not I move along. For example, the second McHale started talking college football on Conan I knew I would be cutting and pasting embed code. And today while watching this snippet of always quotable New Jersey governor Chris Christie there’s the :25 mark where he’s a finger wag away from going full Mutombo when refusing a reporter’s request to talk about the death of Twinkies.

I realize some have tired of the Christie schtick, but I’m almost certain fat guy jokes made by a fat guy behind a podium will never not do it for me. So yeah, I’m a sucker for lines like, “I’m on Saturday Night Live enough,” and “It’s bad enough I said the word Twinkie from behind this microphone.” I mean the guy is single-handedly responsible for making me kinda/sorta like Bobby Moynahan, which is a minor miracle.

Governor Christie via Reddit

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