Colbert Skewered Gun Nuts On His Show And Glenn Beck’s Website Doesn’t Seem To Realize It Was Satire

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01.15.13 7 Comments

Stephen Colbert devoted his entire show last night to giving gun nuts — defined as people who oppose any and all restrictions on gun ownership, ever — a righteous mocking disguised as “a thoughtful, sensitive conversation about guns” he called “Stephen Colbert’s Double Barrel Blam-O-Rama.” Featured in the hilariously biting bit was James Yeager, an obviously unstable CEO who recently took to YouTube to say that he would “start killing people” if gun safety legislation were passed.

Perhaps most funny of all is that Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze, appears to be not in on the joke, praising Colbert for the way he “skewers” Piers Morgan on the obviously satirical show, apparently somehow still not aware that Colbert is a parody of a right-wing windbag.

Can’t say that I’m really surprised. Anyway, here’s part one…

Here’s part two…

And here’s part three…

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