Watch Stephen Colbert ‘Feast On The Impotent Rage’ Of MSNBC Following Obama’s Flat Debate Performance


If you happened to tune in to MSNBC following the presidential debate the other night you know that the whole lefty crew there were beside themselves with anger and sadness over Obama laying an egg in the debate. Al Sharpton was shaking his freakishly giant head in digust. Rachel Maddow looked like she needed a chocolate martini. Ed Shultz was bloviating all over the place out of giant blowhole more than usual. And Chris Matthews — aka “Mr. Potato Head” — basically lost his mind. In Colbert’s words, “break out the sour cream and bacon bits, nation, because Mr. Potato Head is steamed.”

Colbert then allowed himself to “feast” on Matthews’ “impotent rage” and it was hilarious. The clip is embedded above.

Additionally, the opening of the show, which featured Colbert dancing with audience members to “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” was pretty great. It’s below…

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