Dave Chappelle Breaks His Silence, Gives First Interview In Five Years

08.15.11 3 Comments

A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep and found myself watching Chappelle’s Show reruns on Comedy Central and couldn’t help feeling overcome with a sense of “what if?” that so many others probably have whenever they’re reminded of just how genius that show was. The thing about Chappelle’s Show is that, even though it only lasted for a couple of seasons, if you get a bunch of fans of the show together, rarely will two people agree on what its funniest sketch was. It was that good.

So we’ve all been left to wonder so much about the man behind it all, and whether intentional or not, he’s cultivated a sense of mystery around him. But he seems to be making moves toward a comeback of sorts of late, popping up more often in comedy clubs, looking buff, wowing crowds with his talent like he did recently in San Francisco where Vince at Filmdrunk caught his act. There was also a recent incident in which he sat silently on stage during a performance for 45 minutes, so things have been hit or miss, to say the least.

Now there’s an interview with Chappelle making the rounds today — his first interview since he sat down with Oprah in 2006, I believe. There’s not much earth-shattering stuff in it, a radio interview on a Bay-area morning zoo show he used to be a part of before he became famous, but it is interesting, if only for a momentary glimpse inside his mind. He talks about his life living in rural Ohio, what happened in that recent performance where he went silent (He says he thought he was going to get lured into a “reverse Kramer” situation by unruly audience members), and he artfully dodges taking part in the host’s idiotic radio antics without coming off as a prick. All in all, it’s worth checking out after the jump.

Part one…

Part two…

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