HBO GO Likely To Also Stall On XBox 360 Starting April 1st

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02.28.12 4 Comments

The rollout of HBO Go to screens across the country has been a mess. First, Cablevision and Time Warner refused to actually enable the service for more than a year. Then the actual implementation turned out to need some tweaking. Then Comcast refused to support the Roku HBO Go channel. And now we have an alleged April Fools’ Day launch on the XBox 360, which is just begging for something to go wrong.

Leaving aside the huge mistake of not making the service available to those of us who don’t want cable (really, HBO? You’re not willing to just charge twenty bucks a month to non-cable subscribers? Maybe a streaming site limited to just your original content for ten bucks a month? Nothing? Nothing at all?), we’ve got to question whether the 360 is ready for cable box prime time. Their recent UFC debacle probably taught them a few important lessons, but blacking out during a fight is one thing. Blacking out during “Game of Thrones” is something else altogether.

We’ll see, but we’re skeptical this isn’t going to be a disaster. See, guys, you really should have just set up a streaming website.

(Image via HBO)

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