Jimmy Fallon And Michelle Obama Had Field Day Inside The White House

02.08.12 6 years ago

Just when you thought the Obamas couldn’t possibly denigrate the hallowed halls of the White House any further, Michelle Obama went and invited Jimmy What’s-His-Name from that late night TV show that slandered Michele Bachmann recently over to the White House to, get this, have a potato sack race and a tug-of-war — basically have Field Day inside the White House — as part of her on-going plot to use exercise and fitness as a ruse to indoctrinate children into socialism under the guise of her “Let’s Move” campaign. I can only assume she was too lazy to go outside, where most people conduct such activities.

Folks, think about this for a second: can you imagine Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush or Laura Bush engaging in a potato sack race inside the White House? Because I sure can’t! You know why? Because those First Ladies had respect for the White House, that’s why. Just like her husband, who has been photographed plopping his feet up on the furniture and not wearing a jacket in the Oval Office, Michell Obama has no respect for America’s house. It’s just further proof that the Obamas hate America and want to destroy it and turn it into Europe, where everyone is on welfare and butt-f*cks each other all the time. Period!

(ED. note: If you’re visiting this site for the first time, I wrote this post in the voice of a conservative wingnut commentator, just for sh*t and giggles. I’m not really that moronic. I swear!)

(Pic via WH Flickr feed)

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