Fallon And Galifianakis Pulled Off The Old Host-Guest Swap Routine Last Night

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07.26.12 7 Comments

The guest pretending to be the host and the host pretending to be the guest isn’t the most groundbreaking of late night television ideas, but it is just another example of why Jimmy Fallon is the most innovative, web friendly, and — frankly — best host going.

And there’s really no better guest to do the old swap routine with than Zach Galifianakis. While Fallon does his bet to channel nervous interview Zach (bonus points to Jimmy for working in a Roots shout out), Zach just turns the reverse interview into a most excellent “Between Two Ferns” segment, asking bad questions about in-flight meals, confusing co-star names, and working in: “I love celebrities, they’re never wrong about anything.”

I don’t want to give too much away though, because this is just a fun watch. They even work in a clip and plug for Zach’s new questionable “talkie” The Campaign. Spoiler: he gained weight for the role.

UPDATE: Now with YouTube!

Late Night via Splitsider

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