Jon Hamm Talks 'Mad Men' Injuries And Baseball Career On Letterman, Confirms We Should Be Best Friends

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03.02.12 8 Comments

UPROXX favorite, the emotionally available Jon Hamm, dropped by The Late Show last night, ostensibly to discuss his new movie Friends with Kids and the return of Mad Men, but as conversations with the Hamm-bone often do, things diverged into fun anecdotes on how one goes about getting repeatedly injured on the set of an office drama and what it’s like to catch fastballs from Roger Clemens.

In other words, it was classic Hamm. And I see no reason we shouldn’t be best friends. Dave can tag along for a beer as well. He really seemed to enjoy the Hammster’s baseball stories.

Both clips after the jump, along with my new favorite Sterling Archer Draper Pryce entry as an added bonus. Full Late Show episode here.

“I’m gonna pull the old fake broken hand gag…”

“It just appears in your mit, then it hurts. A lot.” UPDATE: Deadspin is also calling bullsh*t.

That’s a thing?

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