Jon Stewart Gives MSNBC’s Handling Of The GOP Debate The Mocking It Deserves


So last night the Daily Show got around to poking fun at Wednesday night’s Republican debate, and while there was a lot to make fun of about the candidates themselves and the things they said, there was some utter ridiculousness in regards to the way MSNBC presented the whole thing that needed to be mocked and ridiculed — and it was last night, thankfully.

The most puzzling thing in this realm was when MSNBC paused for a brief moment from having two middle-age white guys — anchor Brian Williams and John Harris of Politico — fire questions at the candidates to have a Hispanic reporter walk on stage to ask a question about … wait for it … immigration, and then have him immediately leave the stage after he was done asking the question.

Seriously, what the hell was that about? Were Williams and Harris — two seemingly competent men who seemed perfectly capable of asking immigration questions — not prepared or qualified to ask questions about the subject? Why not also bring out a woman to ask any questions related to women’s issues? It was just f*cking bizarre — like they were literally trotting out their token Mexican or something. Are token Mexicans the new token blacks? I’m surprised they just didn’t go the extra mile and have him wear a mariachi outfit and serve tacos to Williams and Harris on his way out.

Anyway, Stewart had a lot of fun with that, as you would probably imagine he would. Video is after the jump.

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