Jon Stewart On Mitt Romney’s WTF Tax Returns: ‘The Guy Doesn’t Even Have A Job! That Is F-ing Interest!’

01.25.12 6 Comments

Last night, right after the Daily Show aired, Yahoo college football writer Matt Hinton, aka Dr. Saturday, tweeted, “The opening segment of tonight’s Daily Show should be required viewing for every American.” I have to say I could not agree with him more.

The issue at hand stemmed from Mitt Romney finally releasing his tax returns, documents that revealed he made more money in investment interest in a day than most Americans make at their jobs in a year while paying a tax rate lower than the rate likely paid by the maids who clean his various houses. The returns also reveal that Romney gave $100 million to his sons without a penny in taxes being paid on the gift.

How the hell did we come to this? Watch below and learn, people. The gist: “Poor people have sh*tty lobbyists.”

Here’s part one…

And part two…

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