Jon Stewart: ‘The Republican Primary Is Like A Season Of American Idol In Reverse’


Poor Rick Perry. After spending the last few weeks proving himself to be a buffoon consisting of little more than bluster, a folksy twang and a well-coiffed bouffant, the Republican party appears to be already kicking him to the curb. And no one, not even his hideous white-girl rappers from Texas, can save him.

And that’s because there’s a new flavor of the week the GOP faithful appear to be clamoring for: rotund New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who I actually kind of like. Too bad they will probably turn on him once they get to know him a little. I mean, the man is an outspoken opponent of Islamophobia, after all.

Nevertheless, the Daily Show had some fun with the GOP’s seemingly endless game of candidate musical chairs last night, which I finally watched while eating a lunch of pistachios (The Winklevoss twins have me hooked!) and enjoyed the sh*t out of it. Hopefully, you will too, as it’s embedded in two parts below.

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